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Here are some Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Hope you get your answers here!

Can I ingest Ameretat Essential oils?
The short answer is no. We do not advocate the internal use of essential oils and all our products are for external use only. It is illegal in Australia to recommend internal applications of essential oils.

Essential oils and pregnancy - what is safe?

Some essential oils should not be used during pregnancy due to the stimulating effect they have on the uterus and urinary system. Please refer to our Guidelines for Safe Use | Essential Oils and Pregnancy, for essential oils that are best avoided during pregnancy as well as essential oils that can be used after the first trimester of pregnancy.

Which Facial Oil should I choose from the range?
Our Facial Oils are age specific. So choose your age to select the right one.
For example if you are in your 30s choose the 30s Natural Everyday Facial Oil, if you are in your 40s choose the 40s Natural Everyday Facial Oil and so on. If you are 60 and over please choose the Over 60s Natural Everyday Facial Oil.

How long does a 125ml Natural Everyday Facial Oil bottle last for?
Our 125ml Facial Oil bottle lasts anywhere from 6 to 8 months and over. Remember "Little is more in Aromatherapy"

Does the Facial Oil make my skin greasy?
Our Facial Oil never stays greasy, even on oily skin types. Jojoba which is the most luxurious of all carrier oils, is the base ingredient in this product. Our (Australian grown) Jojoba is actually a liquid wax and most akin to our body sebum.