Hear from our happy customers!

I am loving my 30's Facial Oil which I commenced using 2 weeks ago. My skin is feeling more balanced and less high maintenance. I went off to work yesterday forgetting to wear make-up... normally this would feel like a disaster but when I checked in the mirror during the day it wasn't as shocking as imagined!
- A Hall

I've just done a gazillion loads of washing and I've used my Ameretat Essentials Laundry Synergy in each load - oh my goodness - my house smells divine! I've got my sheets in the dryer at the moment and the fragrances of lavender, rosemary and pine are wafting through each room! Yummy! Not only does it beautifully scent my clothes and sheets, but it helps to keep any little closet moths at bay and also helps the washing machine stay healthy by helping to ward off any mildew.
- A Clayton

I LOVE the everyday facial oil! My face feels a million times better. Definitely going to try to resurrect the rest of my skin.
- S Rodgers

I just love your face oil! My skin feel so fresh and glowing! I have been only using safe products on my skin, and am wrapped to have found a product that is totally 'me'! Thank you!
- A Pelikan

Tried and tested wonderful products.
- S Singh

Can't thank you enough for the Wheat Body Pillow.
- K Luck

I have a sensitive, hyper allergic skin which due to severe allergies had come up in spots, blemishes and a lot of dark pigmentation. Your Lavender Walnut Scrub and Everyday Facial Oils have worked miracles for me. Within a month and a half I saw a change - my face is clearer, the blemishes were fading and the pigmentation a lot lighter. After three months the pigmentation almost disappeared. This to me is a miracle and another big plus is the relaxing and rejuvenating property of your products that makes me feel alive and refreshed after a stressful and exhausting day!
- Dr KK Bharucha

Apollo's Day Spa has been using your products for the past 3 years. We find all the spa products to be of excellent quality and have always received positive feedback from our clients. The Australian Green Clay Wrap is one of our bestselling wraps! Our clients love it! Ordering the products is very easy and the delivery is exceptional (within 24 hours). The cost of the spa products is very reasonable for the quality.
- Y O'Connor, Day Spa Manager, Apollo's Day Spa, Brisbane

I've tried the Cradle Cap blend on my 8 month old and it worked within a few days! It was quite bad over his whole scalp and I tried olive oil and a few other things but they didn't completely get rid of it until I tried the blend. His head is still clear after a few months now so I would definitely say that it worked for us!
- C Rosenthal

Just tried the facial oil and I am a convert!! Thanks a bunch.
- J Sneblic-Paul

I have been using the Cogestion Free Synergy for my 1 yr old for her sniffles. Its very effective and has been especially helpful during those really cold evenings/mornings.
- K Karambaya

I've also tried the cradle cap blend on my four month old and could notice a difference after a single use. It has a lovely scent but remains mild for their delicate skin. I look forward to trying the other products in this range
- E Thomson

Just tried the facial oil and I am a convert!! Thanks a bunch.
- J Sneblic-Paul

I love love love my "30" facial oil - absolutely divine & just simply uplifting after a busy day at work & running around after my little 3 year old!
- J Tomaszewski

I completely love all your products but the "40" facial oil is completely brilliant. It changes your skin within days leaving it looking younger. I loved it so much I have been insisting that my husband starts using it. I have never used a product on my face that is so effective. And to top it all off it smells great! Thank you Ameretat Essentials!
- C Brabant

I love the range I have used so far , love my facial oil! I am going to get one for my mother!
- S Gohar

I just love the '30' facial oil! I really felt the benefits when in Switzerland early this year, when after an ice cold day you can put this warming oil on your skin! Fabulous!!!!
- A Pelikan

I just want to let you know that the facial oil I bought is fantastic, absorbs really well into my skin and feels absolutely devine. Love it! So thanks.
- E Page-Hanify

I'm doing paperwork in the office this morning and have my oil diffuser going with my brand new oil blend from Ameretat Essentials. I'm using their Productivity and Focus blend and it's working a treat!
- M Pownell

I love your products. So pure, so beautifully presented and smelling absolutely divine.
- C Page

Beautiful product and spectacular customer service. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase. Thank you.
- A Rasmussen

I've been using Ameretat Essentials 40's blend for about 4 months and the results are clearly visible. This product glides onto the skin like velvet & never leaves you feeling greasy. You wake up with soft-as-a-baby's-bottom skin. AMM-azzing!! Truly amazing.
-A Clayton