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An indulgent treatment for busy lives.

Every morning you step into the shower, without a thought to the drying effect of soap and water on your skin. It is worth taking a little time out in the shower at least once a fortnight for nurturing and looking after your body.  

Ameretat Exfoliating Scrubs are natural and hand-blended. The scrubs will help diminish cellulite by speeding up the circulation and helping remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. You also get to look and feel great!    

Here’s a little reminder that good wholesome food, fresh fruit and vegetables, drinking plenty of water and exercising are important to maintain a fresh youthful glowing skin.
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Lavender Walnut Exfoliating Scrub for face, hands and body, 100gm Pumice Exfoliating Scrub for hands and body, 100gm Spa Treatment for body, hands and feet, 100gm
Spa Treatment for body, hands and feet, 100gm
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