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100% pure, natural and mindfully made in Australia.

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Ameretat: Natural Skin Care, Natural Baby Products, Aromatherapy Oils

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Ameretat Essentials is a unique Mother-Daughter owned and operated Australian company based in Brisbane and best known for their cult Natural Everyday Facial Oil range.

All our gentle and natural aromatherapy-based products and skin care are MINDFULLY and LOVINGLY hand-bended.

Our mission is to enhance well being and the 'joy of living' with our natural skin care products, aromatherapy oils, natural baby products, natural pregnancy and post-pregnancy products, facial oils, massage oils, spa products and 100% pure essential oils. Our natural baby products and natural pregnancy products make great baby shower gifts and are perfect for expecting or new mothers. Our wide range of pre-blended essential oil and spa products, as well as natural skin care products are great for both men and women.

Our products were originally made for our family’s use and contain the purest ingredients.

AMERETAT meaning:
Ameretat is the guardian angel of long life and plants, representing the concept of immortality.

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